I am spending this summer in the lively city of Austin, Texas, as part of a Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU) program sponsored by the NSF. I am working at a lab at the University of Texas in Austin researching non-residential water demand in the City of Austin and the potential for on-site water re-use systems.

Throughout the 10 weeks I am spending in Austin, I am participating in hands-on research, exploration, and a variety of seminars and field trips. In order to document and share my experiences in this program with others I have written a series of posts detailing my adventures in these categories.

Seminars: Looking to learn some fascinating information? Check out my recountings of the various seminars and distinguished speakers I heard over the summer during REU program events. ESI REU Seminars 2017

Field Trips: Curious about some of the environmental sites around Austin? Check out my experiences with field trips this summer. There may even be some useful visitor info! ESI REU Field Trips 2017

Exploration: Besides research, what have I been up to this summer? Check out some of the areas on campus and in austin that I explored this summer. All environmentally focused of course. ESI REU Exploration 2017

Research: Fascinated about my research topic and findings? Read about the steps I took to complete my research and what I found after the long hours of computer modeling. ESI REU Research 2017

About UT: Where am I spending the summer? Learn more about UT, its sustainability efforts, and some of the great environmental opportunities that are available from dining to driving. ESI REU About UT Austin 2017

Want to see it all? Check out my UT Austin Archive here UT Austin ESI REU 2017