This was my first time doing a podcast and I found it very interesting to explore the differences between a written piece and an audio piece. Podcasts don’t have the visual advantage that a written piece does. As a result statistics and complex claims and ideas do not translate well to a podcast form.

However a podcast does have the audio advantage over written works, allowing the audience to actually experience the information as if they are talking directly to the people involved in the podcast.

Interviewing for a podcast was very different from ways I have interviewed in the past. Instead of asking a lot of specifically tailored questions that build upon each other, I asked larger broad questions and let the interviewee have more freedom with their answers. This allowed me to get a lot of information, which I would then make more specific as I chose the material for the sound bites.

Working on the podcast showed me how to pick out only the most important sections of a source. There was a lot of good information in the interviews I did, but the podcast needed to present only the most important facts. One challenge I had with choosing sound bites was making sure they followed in a logical progression as I moved from one speaker to the next. The transitions between the sound bites helped with this as well.

The reporter voicers were challenging for me because they have to introduce the sound bite, while explaining something new about the topic, and maybe providing a little of my opinion all in a few seconds of time. I spent a while working on editing the script and making sure that it presented all the best information without having anything extraneous.

Once I was happy with my script I started working on recording my voicers. After I listened to what I had recorded I realized that what I had written did not always translate well to the broadcast form. This helped me to realize just how different this format is from writing a typical paper.

I made adjustments to the script focusing on how it sounded for a listener compared to how it read. After a few different tries I got some clips that I liked and worked on piecing the podcast together.

I wanted the opening to be interesting and related to the topic so I decided to play natural sound of the construction occurring. At first I had the first 3 seconds or so of the piece being construction before moving into the script, but it was really difficult to realize it was construction. I decided instead to overlay the construction noise with my first voicer.