This website started as part of Emory’s class “Climate Change and Multimedia” (ENG 101-010, Fall 2016), and serves as an archive of the work I completed for the course. The course syllabus can be found here:  This course provides an opportunity to research current environmental issues and explore writing about them in a variety of different styles, while learning about basic principles of multimedia and expository writing. The course learning objectives can be viewed here: Below is my portfolio from the course. You can read more about my experience in the course in my reflection here:


portfolio1We all have some understanding of the word overfishing. We have seen images of bushels and bushels of fish being hauled onto decks of fishing boats. We have read articles questioning if oceans can continue its steady stream of this food source. Yet many still deny that overfishing is a major problem facing our world today.




Today, sustainability is a buzzword, and Emory University is a leader among college campuses, with facilities such as the WaterHub, and professors research in a variety of issues. I never fully realized the extent of the impact I have as an individual, or my whole household. Yet some still don’t believe that climate change is occurring, but that is all a part of the challenge.



Overfishing is a global problem leading to the depletion of fish populations, but it also affects people, both inside and outside of the fishing industry. Ineffective government regulations and unsustainable industry practices are not working to balance an ever-growing consumer demand. It’s time for consumers to educate themselves and take positive action toward sustainable consumption.


Emory University’s new Campus Life Center will replace the current Dobbs University Center. The new building will be more efficient, effective, and user-friendly for the campus community. Here at Emory we are very fortunate to be part of a university that is being environmentally responsible and creating a more sustainable future for its members.